Of Whales and Maasai

Southern Right Whale jumping

One might wonder what the Southern Right Whale has to do with the Maasai people of Kenya. Well,  for starters, they can both jump very high! But really it has to do with the fact that I will soon be joining some friends for a 5 day hike of the famous Whale Trail on the South Coast of South Africa. I decided to dedicate this hike to the work of Walking with Maasai in Kenya. The hike will be from the 25th to the 30th of July. I would like to use the opportunity to raise funds for the Olkoroi Wilderness Camp project under Walking with Maasai. This project is able to make a very valuable contribution to the continued co-existence of the Maasai people and the amazing wildlife on their land. Through sustainable eco tourism both the people and the animals will benefit. You can contribute to this cause by sponsoring me for this hike. Your contributions will go directly towards the development and upkeep of the Olkoroi Wilderness Camp. Click on my Just Giving link below here and walk with Maasai as I go to walk with Whales!


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5 thoughts on “Of Whales and Maasai

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  2. Ek sal jou ondersteun. Sal nog kontak maak met jou. 🙂 Geniet die WALVISROETE!!

    • Andre

      Dankie Toortsie! Ek sien baie uit na die stap. Gaan vandag T-hemde probeer druk vir die fundraiser.

  3. cathome36

    you go Andre!!!! Congratulations with a fantastic work you do in Kenya, your journey with blogging (and bringing the whales and Maasai together) and good luck with the Whale Trail.

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