Camp development

From sketches to construction

From simple sketches and notes in my journal, the ideas slowly grew into more drawings and plans. As I spent time wandering the landscape, the bush and hidden views gradually revealed where each tent should go. It took time to unfold, like a good story, one page at a time. The inspiration came when it needed to, like rain at the right season. As the ideas and plans for the camp structures grew, so did the larger vision. The inspiration for this was wrapped in red and walked around with crooked walking sticks. But that is another story for later.

Several visitors to the camp last year asked me how the camp came into being. It is a lengthy tale and I will have to tell the story in bits in more than one blog post. To keep you informed about the most recent developments I will combine bits of the camp’s history together with the more recent accomplishments.

The drawings seen here was made between 2005 and 2006. The vision for the camp started several years before that. It is still in progress and the camp is far from complete. Perhaps it will never really be complete?

Life is just too short!

In January 2012 we had the privilege of receiving 4 volunteers from the UK who came and assisted us to build a wooden deck for one of the accommodation tents as well as the building of an earth oven. These were Andy Bray, Michael Hector, Dave Hastings-Barnes and Rod More O’Ferrall. We are very thankful to these men who sacrificed their time to help us accomplish this task.

The floorboards here is from the White Mahogany(Khaya anthotheca). These hardwood timbers was harvested from a tree in the forest that died of natural causes. As the drawings above suggest, this floor will eventually be covered by a tent under a thatched roof. As an intermediate stage we are using fly-sheets instead of thatch.



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The water tank

On the 28th of December 2011 this 10000 liter water tank was finally moved to its permanent position at the highest point of the camp grounds.

It was an eventful day when ten community members showed up to lend a hand with moving the massive tank. First the tank was carefully laid on its side and cleaned. Then it was lifted and cradled onto the trailer from where it was pulled by vehicle to as close as possible to its final resting place. After offloading the tank, it had to be inched through dense bush and over huge boulders to get it into position. When the tank was finally placed on the pre-prepared gravel base up on a rocky outcrop it was cause for big celebration and we all ate together and shared stories of the day’s achievements.

We want to thank Marcus Westberg and his family for donating $600 towards pipes and fittings during their stay at the camp last year. This made it possible for us to plumb up the camp kitchen area and have running water!  Follow the links below to read what Marcus and his brother-in-law wrote about their experiences when they visited us.

Future plans for the camp’s water system is to add two more of these tanks and to install a stronger pump that will pump water to the tanks from the river.

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