The Weaver-bird’s nest

I photographed this Spectacled Weaver (Ploceus ocularis) one morning in February near the camp while it was busy building a nest. Somehow I wish I had more time to sit and watch him.


“I’ll give you a crash course in weaving. It’s easy! See, you take this twig…




Now push it through one side with your beak…




Now look on the other side where it came through…





Where did it go now?






Got it!




Now pull it through tight…





Then weave it back through again!”




The finished product of the Spectacled Weaver’s nest looks rather rough but still is a masterpiece of intricate design and architecture.

I hope that more of these fascinating birds will come and nest near the new waterhole at camp. Hopefully other species of weavers will also come and nest there.

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